Film Genre
: Family psychology drama
Film Length
: 105 minutes
Film Video Quality
: 4K (shooting 6K, release 4K)
Audio Sound Quality
: 5 in 1

Bahaab Film synopsis

Sandhya is young passionate girl, she has her dreams and goals in her life. She want to be independent in her life after college, but her parents wants that she get married and settle down. Due to this she has conflict with her parents and in her mind also, her life is upside down because of these constant conflicts. Finally she decide something unexpected, which will not expected by anyone, which will shock everyone even her boyfriend. What have she decided…?

About Us

SWORNIM ENTERTAINMENT & YOUNG STAR CINEMA is a Nepal-based company that specializes in producing feature films.
SWORNIM ENTERTAINMENT Established in 2018 and YOUNG STAR CINEMA established in 2020. We have integrity and trust in our work process, and we are committed to producing high quality films and we believe in quality work with integrity.
We portray both the good and the bad issues in the society with entertainment as art and generally present it from the perspective of entertainment.
And keeping in mind the quality of the movie, we have made the image quality 6k using the new equipment that has come to the world market.
Even before this SWORNIM ENTERTAINMENT has accumulated experience in the production of national level award-winning films. YOUNG STAR CINEMA has got the experience of film production with Indian filmmakers, this organization has good experience of short film production.

Movie Cast

Suraksha Pant
a famous actress in the Nepali film industry, she won a national award at cannes film festival the only actress participating from Nepal side
Kamal Mani Nepal
an organic acting actor. He has stepped into Nepali movies by doing Nepali Hindi theater. He has done more than 12 films, the last two films in which he has acted have managed to do business above 10 cr.
Hiralal Kandel
published more than 100 works and more than 20 musics in the devotional music of Nepal. He has done more than 300 stage programs of devotional music. His simplicity has given life to the character we need.
Writer / Director


The movie was written and directed by Pramod Kandel, who is a graduate of Filmmaking from Mumbai Digital Film Academy in Mumbai India between the years 2017-2018. Director Kandel said that ‘Bahaab’ roughly translated to ‘flow of waves’ in English, is “a revolt against the current situation in search of something new within the Nepali Film Making scenario”. He revealed that the theme of the film was is being portrayed through the story of the protagonist played by Suraksha Pant in the movie.

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