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Special screening of film ‘Bahaab’ for youths via Khalti app

Film ‘Bahaab‘ is releasing all over Nepal from Chaitra 24/April 7. The film is targeted to catch the sentiments of youths. As the character shown in the trailer of the particular film is a college student, the maker of ‘Bahaab‘ declared the special screening of the film for youths and college students.

Interested youth can register for the special screening of the movie from Khalti app. In Khalti app, you can go to the ‘EVENTS‘ option and fill up the form for ‘Bahaab‘. Priority will be given to the people who fill the form first as the seat is limited for only 125 people. One out of 125 people will get the chance of a coffee date with Surakshya Panta.

The screening will be done in One Cinemas, Kalimati on 23rd of Chaitra at 2pm. Selected audiences will have to verify the offer when entering the hall by scanning the QR which they get after filling the form.

“We believe the film will do great when the film is promoted through word of mouth. If a targeted audience would come and see the movie, only then they would be ready to share the message ‘Bahaab‘ is trying to give”, said the marketing head.

There is a bumper offer for one of the lucky winners to get the chance of visiting Thailand for four nights and five days if they buy the movie tickets of the film ‘Bahaab‘ from Khalti app.

As the film is being said to be youth centric, the promotions of the movie are becoming youth centric too. The makers of the film ‘Bahaab‘ are targeting their youth audience by releasing the first ever AI posters and creating an official website for the film ‘Bahaab‘.

The film starring Surakshya Panta and Kamalmani Nepal is trying to showcase the conflict between two schools of thoughts in an engaging way.